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Partnerships and Business Department

Being financially independent and having valuable networks are very important to every sustainable entity, whether business or social movement. Without proper financial support, an organization would not be optimally running, like a machine without oil. Optimization is our main goal, achieved by providing financial support to ensure a stable and continuous contribution.

We also establish cooperation with business organizations, government, and other stakeholders to maintain strong networks. Whatever your organization is, we are here to find and build possible win-win partnerships to grow together.



Axel Jun Solichin Simansjah
Ketua Departemen Kemitraan dan Bisnis


Reza Mahbub Khatami
Anggota Departemen Kemitraan dan Bisnis


"Selalu berusaha relevan"

Michael Ombong
Anggota Departemen Kemitraan dan Bisnis


Ferhanni Hafshah Destari
Anggota Departemen Kemitraan dan Bisnis


Anas Teguh Syahadat
Anggota Departemen Kemitraan dan Bisnis