The 4th OISAA American-European Region Symposium in Hannover

Greetings from Germany! OISAA American-European Region (PPI Kawasan Amerika-Eropa/PPI AMEROP) and PPI Jerman proudly present: The 4th OISAA American-European Region Symposium (Simposium PPI Amerika-Eropa) in Hannover, 26th-27th April 2018 in conjunction with ICONIC 2018 Hannover.

In this Symposium, delegations from 24 countries will gather for two days to develop working plans for us as PPI AMEROP and recommendations to best contribute to the development of our country, the Republic of Indonesia. This year’s Symposium follow the theme of “Securing Indonesia’s Energy Sovereignty: The Security – Economy – Sustainability Nexus”.

PPI Jerman would like to invite all delegates to Hannover, Germany.

See you in Hannover!

ICONIC 2018 Food Industry & Medical Science (4th Teaser)

The fourth teaser for ICONIC 2018 covers the sub theme about Food Industry and Medical Science.

For Indonesians rice has always been an important part of our meal. Most of people don’t feel satisfied if they haven’t had rice in their meal. This leads to a high demand of rice. On the other side, the amount of rice fields in our country could not cover the demand and this will cause a higher number of rice imports.

Getting used to replace rice with other sources of carbohydrate that are available around us, like corn or wheat, is one alternative to prevent us from importing more rice. But what are the consequences? Which risk does it have? How do we socialize?

In ICONIC 2018 we will discuss your papers regarding such issues and many others. Make sure you submit yours within the deadline and contribute through your ideas!