ICONIC 2018 Covers The Subtheme Energy and Natural Science

The second teaser for ICONIC 2018 covers the subtheme energy and natural science.

Because of its rapid population growth, the amount of energy needed in Indonesia is continuously increasing. In regards to its resources and the technological advancement in renewable energy, how is Indonesia going to overcome the challenge of providing the necessary amount of energy for its people?

Let’s contribute to this discussion by submitting your paper for ICONIC 2018.


The New Teaser of ICONIC (International Conference of Integrated Intellectual Community) 2018


Greetings from Germany!!

Herewith we present gladly the new teaser of ICONIC (International Conference of Integrated Intellectual Community) 2018. The 3rd ICONIC will be held in Hannover from 27th – 29th April, 2018.

Please visit our official website (http://iconic.ppi-jerman.de/) and/or contact us via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iconicppij) to get further information. Follow our official twitter and Instagram @iconicppijerman to stay updated.

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INTELL – Forum Komunikasi Antar Forum Yang Mengkaji Tema dan Disiplin Tertentu

Dengan ini PPI Jerman ingin memperkenalkan INTELL kepada teman-teman mahasiswa Indonesia di Jerman.

Integrated Intellectual Community merupakan sebuah forum yang mewadahi komunikasi antar forum kajian yang mengkaji tema dan disiplin ilmu di berbagai bidang kajian.

Maksud dan tujuan dari program ini adalah:
1. Membawa forum yang berbasis regional ke level nasional
2. Sentralisasi arsip hasil diskusi, kajian dan proyek sebagai database pengetahuan
3. Akses untuk audiensi dengan delegasi perwakilan, baik pemerintah, legislatif ataupun institusi Indonesia lainnya.
4. Platform pertukaran ilmu antar forum untuk akselerasi program
Beberapa forum yang telah tergabung dalam INTELL ini adalah sebagai berikut:
1. Forum for Indonesian Renewable Energy (FIRE)
2. BUGI – Bildung und Gesundheit für Indonesien e.V.
3. Putra/i Dirgantara HH
4. Forum Komunikasi Architecture, Engineering, Construction & Operation Indonesia (FAECO)
Kami mengajak teman-teman semua untuk berkarya dan berkontribusi langsung untuk Indonesia dengan bergabung dalam forum yang sudah tersedia atau mendirikan/mendaftarkan forum di bidang lain yang belum ada disini, dengan menghubungi kontak personal berikut ini:
Raimond Romulus +49 174 475 3382
Irvan Abdul Mishar +62 813 1146 8531
Mari berkarya bersama untuk negeri!

Call for Paper ICONIC 2018

Greetings from Germany,

Hereby, PPI Jerman (Indonesian Students Association in Germany) and PPI Hannover are officially organizing a bi-annually international scientific conference, namely International Conference of Integrated Intellectual Community (ICONIC). ICONIC 2018 is raising up a very important theme entitled “Science and Technology for Sustainable Development”. This event will be held on 27th – 29th April 2018 in Hannover, Germany.

A set of goals toward a new sustainable development agenda to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all has been issued. This renders opportunities for people around the world to exchange ideas and share experiences for accelerating the achievement of each target. With respect to the new set of sustainable development goals, ICONIC 2018 focuses on the central issues covering: (1) Energy and natural sciences, (2) Information technology, infrastructures and logistics, and (3) Food industry and medical science.

Through this scientific conference, we give you, fellow academics and scholars, the opportunity to present your works. Those who receive approval of the submitted abstract and paper can present their work during the conference on 27th – 29th April 2018. Following peer review, selected papers will be published in SSRN indexed by Elsevier publishing®.

Abstract submission will be opened from the 1st October to 31th October 2017. Please visit our official website (http://iconic.ppi-jerman.de/) and/or contact us via Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iconicppij) to get further information. Follow our official twitter and istagram @iconicppijerman to stay updated.Please be ready to be the part of us. Present your ideas and join us in ICONIC 2018!!