Research & Education

Are you currently in Studienkolleg and searching for the perfect university? Or are you just finishing up your Bachelors and trying to search for a Masters’ degree? Well, whatever your interests are, the Department of Research & Education is here to help you in giving information about the place you’re going to spend your studies in. From information about living costs to the favorite courses of study, this department gives you statistics and numbers that will support you in your studies.


Irham Taufik Andika
Head of Department
Lydia Virginia
Department of Research & Education
Sumaya Effendi
Department of Research & Education


The Study Drive serves as a database for all the information required during your studies. From old examples of the Aufnahmeprüfung to statistics about the city you’re currently living in, you can find almost anything about your studies in the link below!

Study Drive PPI Jerman: